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the programming courses in FrontEnd, Java, Python, C+ / .NET. More than 50 author's IT trainings from certified specialists. The best .NET developer training program in Ukraine. Microsoft Learning Partner status since 2012.

if you are interests in the field of programming 

  • Creating websites and web applications. FrontEnd and BackEnd the Course consists of two parts: Frontend Starter (HTML, CSS, JS) and Frontend Pro (JavaScript Templates, JQuery, HTML5 & CSS3, Angular JS). 
  •  development. HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Python programming (+ Django and Flask)
  • Java programming (+ Spring)
  • Programming on C #, .NET (dotnet) technology (+ ASP.NET Core)
I recommended to you A wide range of information is presented, both basic programming concepts and complex strategies for building information systems are explained in an accessible way. 

It is worth noting the practical orientation and ease of perception of information. All examples touch upon real development problems as much as possible. The concepts of object-oriented design are well stated. Microsoft technologies are clearly and easily presented. You learned a lot of new things that can be put into practice. 

If I have to master a new technology, I know where I will do it CYBERBIONIC SYSTEMATICS  . Trainings can be of interest to both novice programmers of IT companies and professionals. the courses of the CyberBionic Systematics training center. They approached me for the price and the optimal number of hours of classes

The IT specialties from zero to the level of a specialist 

  1. FrontEnd Developer course
  2. Python Developer Course
  3. .NET Developer Course
  4. Java Developer Course

Courses last from 3.5 to 5.5 months, the average cost of training is UAH 4,800 per month - for 12 classes lasting 2 hours. Discounts of up to 40% are provided during the war. Taking into account the current discounts, the cost is now an average of UAH 2,880 per month. All these courses are held on a regular basis, recruiting groups once a month in each direction.

 The most popular IT courses

  1. HTML5, CSS3 for beginners
  2. JavaScript Starting
  3. JavaScript Basic
  4. TypeScript Fundamentals
  5. React.js Basic
  6. C # Basic
  7. SQL for beginners
  8. Basic Java course
  9. MySQL base course
  10. Python for beginners

All courses can be seen on the Rates and Prices pageThe cost of courses depends on the duration of the course. All the above courses are always relevant. During the war they are given a discount of up to 20%.


Block 1. HTML layout

  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Applying Adobe Photoshop for Web Development Tasks
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility

Block 2. JavaScript programming language

  • Functions and Function Expressions
  • Closures and variable scope
  • Prototypes and inheritance
  • var and let variables and constants
  • Class syntax
  • Iterators
  • Generators
  • Promises

Block 3. JavaScript in the browser and Web API

  • Browser and Document Object Model (BOM and DOM)
  • Deep understanding of how events work and how they are handled
  • Asynchronous HTTP requests (AJAX)
  • Websockets (Web Socket)

Block 4. Library React

  • React
  • React router
  • pub / sub, observer, mediator
After completing the program, you will receive 100+ implemented widgets and 5 full-fledged projects in your portfolio

This equates to 6 months of work in the company as a frontend developer.
Additionally, you will expand your experience through internships.

Key skills, which the student receives

  1. HTML markup
  2. Styling with CSS
  3. Layout of web pages based on layout
  4. Cross-browser layout
  5. Optimization of work with images
  6. Application of principles of client-server interaction
  7. Full layout of site pages
  8. Problem solving using JavaScript
  9. Create interactive web pages
  10. Event handling
  11. Document structure management
  12. Controlling audio and video playback on a page
  13. Local storage (local Storage)
  14. Web Sockets
  15. Drawing in Canvas
  16. Working with files and media resources
  17. Build Single Page Web Applications (SPA)
  18. Working with React, Flux
  19. Control of project code changes and joint work on a project of several developers

Among the most in-demand professions today are web and front-end developer. Although there are a lot of web development specialists, the demand for them is not falling.


There are a lot of web developers. But this is not a cause for concern. There are many more users who need to help create a website or change an existing one. So, only in the .RU domain more than 5000 sites are registered every day. These are all new domains, which means potential customers. Considering that it takes several months to develop a solid site (a ready-made CMS + a ready-made template), there is enough work for everyone.


There are different ways: right and wrong. First, about the wrong ones. You can read a WordPress manual or even a Joomla book, learn how to install these CMS and use ready-made templates and consider yourself a web developer. For Joomla alone, you can find several thousand, if not tens of thousands of free templates on the Web. In principle, the final result, the creation of the site, has been achieved: the site has been created and the client may even be satisfied.

The problem is different. Such work is not difficult and not entirely of high quality, therefore it is paid accordingly. Look at freelance exchanges to see how much they pay for installing a ready-made CMS and adapting an existing template. If you are a student, an extra penny will not hurt, and such a scenario also has the right to be. But you need to think about the future: everyone wants to earn decent money, and for this you need to be a good specialist in their field.

That is why it is time to move on to consider the correct teaching method. The right method is to turn to professionals who offer competently "packaged" and filtered content, thanks to which you become a junior specialist in just six months.

Of course, you can buy literature on HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and do some self-study. But like self-medication, it has side effects. Firstly, the effectiveness depends on the correctly selected literature, and only a professional, which you are not yet, can choose the right one. Secondly, you will not have a mentor to ask if something goes wrong, who will point out mistakes and show you how to do it right. Self-study can take much longer, if only due to the lack of any control. Tomorrow I'll read a book, today there is no time. Sound familiar? And it's not a fact that self-study will help in finding a job - there is no crust!


Professionals who can help you turn into a fairly qualified junior developer in just six months can be found at the "CyberBionic Systematics" training center.

"CyberBionic Systematics" are programming courses in FrontEnd, Java, Python, C # / .NET. More than 50 author's IT trainings from certified specialists. The best .NET developer training program in Ukraine. Microsoft Learning Partner status since 2012.

It is in the "CyberBionic Systematics" training center that you can master the professions of front-end and web-developer. Self-taught and simple beginners may think that they are one and the same, but they are not.

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