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I think the courses are very informative and focus on all the appropriate aspects of Cannabis – it’s emerging culture, business/law, and most importantly, the medicinal and wellness cultivation. I know that these courses are being refined every step of the way and I am very impressed with the support and responses I receive from the staff. Matt is excellent and informative! Would definitely love to continue being a part of this venture with THC University.

. Therefore, “THC University '' can be a beneficial platform for all those users who wanted to learn about cannabis without paying a significant amount from their wallets. It is one of the brands that offers eight types of online certification courses, which you can learn within 3-6 months. Currently, it has taken more than 150 hours of classes, 200+ students have jobs, and 10,827 student accounts. 

Why Choose THC University?

THC University offers online certification courses about cannabis. It gives all the cannabis information to users, which the classroom can ever give. Its online certification courses work on laptops, tablets, desktop, but not on the phone. All education instructors and teachers have been teaching students for 100+ years. All the instructors have a good experience and ability to make the concept easy for students in the best possible way. THC University is 100% legal and protected by the first amendment. It also has a business training program, which is very useful for users to train their group without spending more money. Moreover, it completes all the online certification courses within 3-6 months. Therefore, it is one of the places where you can come and learn everything about cannabis in a straightforward way.

Courses and Certification

THC University has eight types of online courses such as Introduction To CBD, Terpenes Basics, Budtender Basics, Marijuana 101, Grow Basics, Horticulture Specialist, Colorado Safety and Regulations, Washington Safety and Regulation Certificate.  

Introduction To CBD

In this course, you will know about what CBD is, how CBD works on both humans and animals, effects and uses of CBD, latest CBD research, what future holds CBD, and many more.

Budtender Basics

In this course, you will get a proper idea of how to understand cannabis products like smoke, edibles, vapes, etc, consumer tolerance, and understand customer services.

Safety and Regulation Certifications

In this course, you will know about the concern of marijuana's effect on the human body, some key state and law, which can affect employees, owners, and managers.

Marijuana 101

In this course, you will know cannabis plants, history of CBD, law, medicinal, edible vs flowers, terpenes, and cannabinoids.  

Discounts and Offers

THC University has unlimited access and offers for all the users who wanted to know about Cannabis deeply. The discounts are very high for the users and to get more offers then you have to apply for THC University Coupons. With this, you can learn everything about cannabis without spending too much of your money.


THC University offers every information about cannabis, terpenes, budtender, growing, marijuana, safety basics, which is very useful for users. It also provides a business program system. Moreover, it has some services like unlimited course access, M-F chat support, and monthly expert webinars.

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